FindWork Success Story: The Two Sides of the Coin

How can a mobile app like FindWork help today’s employers and jobhunters in the Philippines? We asked Kat, founder and proprietor of Golden Hat Thai Restaurant, and Michael, a member of the restaurant’s staff how FindWork has made their lives easier. Below is what they had to say.

The Employer

Gaining business and finance experience from her first business venture, Kat set up Golden Hat as her first foray into creating her own brand. The Thai restaurant is her original concept and her “baby,” which is in stark contrast to the food franchise she originally run. Going on three years, Kat has seen the ups and downs of running her very own restaurant.

One of the main concerns in business is finding and hiring the right people. Kat learned early on that relying on a single branch isn’t an ideal situation. “Going with just one [branch] eats up a lot [of resources], so you really need several branches to distribute the costs,” added Kat. Of course, several branches mean you need more people, and this is where FindWork comes in.


Staffing Problems? Solved!

What stopped Kat from scaling her business were mostly concerns related to recruitment and staffing. According to her, finding the right people for certain jobs can be challenging, especially if you rely on personal referrals for your hiring needs. With FindWork, Kat found out that finding the right people can be quick and easy, if you use the right tools. What problems did FindWork help solve for Kat?

Employee turnover

Because the F&B (food and beverage) industry is an “easy-enter, easy-exit” industry, employee retention can be a problem. You may be able to hire staff that would stay for a few weeks and then suddenly leave because he or she got a slightly better offer elsewhere. FindWork avoids this dilemma by providing only applicants that are skilled and really want to work in their chosen industry, plus the app also has a geolocation feature, which helps pinpoint applicants that are in close proximity to the employer’s location.

Lack of options

With a limited number of applicants, it’s quite challenging to find the ideal one for any given position. For Golden Hat, Kat had to rely on personal referrals as her main mode of recruitment. FindWork’s relatively vast database of applicants helps her focus on running and scaling the business rather than finding and recruiting people to the organization.

Mismatched skill set

For a small business like Golden Hat, it needs employees that can handle a breadth of tasks in and out of the kitchen. Unfortunately, most employees are skilled at only one thing and not another; they are often overwhelmed by the number of tasks that need to be done and feel that their current job isn’t right for them. FindWork, however, uses an innovative job-matching algorithm that ensures that employers only find the candidates they actually need. With its growing applicant database, employers won’t want for options when it comes to qualified candidates.

Lack of or limited screening of applicants

Since most employees of Golden Hat are from personal referrals, the screening process isn’t that stringent. Options are much better with FindWork; where applicants are only matched to you as an employer only if they meet your standards and requirements.

The FindWork Experience

With an app as intuitive and responsive as the FindWork mobile app, Kat got her first “FindWork applicant” in just a few hours, plus five more overnight! The next day showed 17 applicants in total, which is a major improvement from when they were lucky if they get two applicants. This also included FindWork’s company verification process, which was very quick and easy that it was done in minutes.

Currently, Kat is in the process of opening a new Golden Hat branch. The difference now is that she’s no longer burdened by staffing concerns, thanks to FindWork. “FindWork has given me the flexibility to scale the business right now,” adds Kat. Without FindWork, she wouldn’t have been brazen enough to open up more branches because she knows it isn’t easy to find the right people.


The Job hunter/Employee

On the flipside, Michael is a 26-year old employee of Golden Hat who’s had more than his fair share of jobs and job hunting experiences—both good and bad. When asked how challenging it was to find a job in the Philippines, he commented that the problem was the laborious and unsure recruitment process. It was unreasonably long and provided no guarantees.

The old-fashioned way of job hunting is an all-too-familiar scenario for Michael; you looked for job openings on broadsheet ads, you have copies of your resume printed, you apply for a job in as many companies as you can, and then you wait by the phone for “that call.” Many times that call never came, and Michael was left wondering why it didn’t or if it would ever come.

Michael also went the job fair route but soon realized that most employers in these events were call center companies. For one of his previous jobs, he had to go to three job fairs to get employed there. For his current job at Golden Hat, he thanks the Internet and social media for it.

Michael discovered FindWork while browsing Facebook for current job openings. He saw that FindWork was holding a job fair but was unavailable on that day, so he just downloaded and installed the FindWork mobile app. Lo and behold, he got a job in as short as one week after he used the app.


The FindWork Experience

Michael was all smiles as he described his experience with FindWork; he says that it was quicker and easier than sending resumes via email. Your online FindWork profile acts as your resume, and all you have to do is to ensure that the information there is always accurate and updated. He says that he wouldn’t think twice about using FindWork again if the need arises, but hopefully, that’s not anytime soon.

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