Here’s Why You Should Take Advantage Of FindWork’s Free Trial

FindWork is changing the way businesses hire. What’s more, we’re doing it for free. At absolutely no cost, we give your business access to our platform so you can hire better.

Here’s are a few excellent reasons why you should get on our free trial asap.

Access to FindWork network

FindWork has a network of over 2.1m registered users. What does this mean for your business? This means more potential views and almost certainly more applications. And with FindWork’s easy-to-use app, applying for a job has never been faster or easier for candidates. Now for P0 spent, that’s probably the best deal you could ever get compared to other recruitment platforms out there.

Monthly job post

With FindWork’s free monthly job post, there’s always a freel job listing that’s yours for the taking every month. While other recruitment platforms charge for a post, we give it to you absolutely free.

Discover a better way to hire

Chances are, your business might still be approaching hiring via traditional recruitment practices. Which isn’t completely wrong— but why not  mix it up and use technology to your advantage? With FindWork, you gain access to innovative recruiting tools and functionalities. Useful features like a modern applicant tracking system, chat feature and an integrated calendar are sure to enhance and improve the way you hire.

Know of any other ways FindWork helps your business? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!